Certification Maintenance

Professional development points are obtained from activities that relate to the core areas of the APICS Body of Knowledge. The Pittsburgh chapter of APICS offers multiple sources and a variety of professional development activities for maintaining your APICS credentials including;


Professional Development Meetings
  • Plant Tours
  • Seminars
  • Writing and article for the Chapter Newsletters, Website, or Social Media
  • Mentoring
  • Participation on an APICS Committee or Project
  • Chairing a Committee
  • Executive Position on the board
You can contact us to review maintenance opportunities and review your path to maintenance. The APICS Maintenance Handbook is available to describe the maintenance program policies and procedures prior to submitting your maintenance application.  The handbook will help you determine which category your activities fall under and the number of points you can claim.


100 professional development points
75 professional development points
Time Frame
5 Years from Certification Date
Certifications not maintained within a five years period, your certification will be suspended status and you will be unable to be acknowledge to as certified until your certification is placed back in good standing
If you do not maintain certification within five years of suspension, your certification will expire, and you will be required to retake your exams.
With each additional year your certification is suspended, you are required to submit 15 additional professional development points to reinstate your certification.
An online certification verification tool can be found at this LINK to provide prospective employers and other stakeholders with a simple, easy way to verify an individual’s certification status.


Candidates who require verification of their own credentials for personal use can view a detailed report through My APICS.