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President's Report

I hope everyone is safe as we continue to battle COVID-19 in both our personal and professional lives. We also wish you a happy Fourth of July Holiday were most of us will enjoy a long weekend.

The Pittsburgh Chapter is planning continuing our classes and programs in the fall starting with online offerings. In September we have both CSCP and CPIM 1 instructor led certification classes and a Speaker Series program.

If  you have any questions on either, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].

Bill Geisler
APICS Pittsburgh Chapter

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Welcome New Members

Please welcome these new Members:

Chelsea Cursio joined 6/11/2020
Heather Marchetto joined 6/12/2020

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Preview the CSCP or CPIM Learning System

Committing to pursue an APICS Certification is a big decision for you and your career. To help make the decision easier, we're giving you online access to real content from the CSCP and CPIM Part 1 Learning Systems for 30 days!

With these Free Learning System Previews, you'll be able to experience what it will actually be like to study with the APICS Learning System, including reading material, flashcards and practice tests.

Choose if you would like to access Risk Responses from the CSCP Supply Chain Improvements and Best Practices module or Lean from the CPIM Basics of Supply Chain Management module, or both!

CSCP Free Learning System Preview

After completing CSCP: Module 3, Section B, Chapter 3: Risk Responses, you’ll be able to:
• Define the four basic risk responses of accept, avoid, transfer, and mitigate
• Define a risk register, risk response plan, and risk response planning
• Explain the difference between preventive actions and contingent or corrective actions
• Describe how to generate and implement preventive action, prepare contingency plans, and share risks among supply chain partners

CPIM Part 1 Free Learning System Preview

After completing CPIM Part 1, Section D: Lean, you’ll be able to:
• Explain the philosophy and methods of lean production, including its objectives, pillars, foundations and culture of continuous improvement and employee involvement
• Show how lean production systems and other quality systems embrace continuous improvement as a way of life and as part of their culture
• Review lean tools and techniques that can be used to implement continuous improvement


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